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Changes Coming Soon!

Wow! So many things will be changing soon. The first change has already happened. I am no longer selling my herbal blends online... for the time being. There are a few hoops I'm having to jump through to make sure I am providing you with the best product available. In the mean time I will be putting together some recipes & other educational products out that I hope you will be interested in.

Other changes in my personal life are coming... My baby is leaving the nest & we will soon follow suit! She is graduating high school and embarking on an adventure of going to college. That's super exciting & nerve racking all at the same time. We will also be embarking on our own adventure of moving out of our home state, leaving my son in the nest while he finishes school & gets his degree.

All of this while continuing my own education in herbalism (a lifelong journey) & holistic health into healing myself along the way. I will never be done with learning so I hope you follow along in my journey of self discovery & learn something for yourself along the way.

If you are local to the DFW area I will be selling my herbal tea blends at various markets in the area until I am able to get all my licensing in order to sell across state lines. Check out my Instagram page as that is where I will post most of my updates. I will also commit to keep you updated by blogging more for those who are interested in what is coming next for Nature's Sorcery.

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