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Daily Supplements

What are you taking as your daily supplements? A lot of people only take a multivitamin, and that's fine if it suits them. I have found that my body requires more than that, especially if I'm not getting the right nutrients in my diet. In fact, I don't think the majority of Americans are getting the right nutrients to sustain a healthy body.

I am going to tell you that I'm not perfect, in that regard my diet is not healthy. I try to avoid things that are not good for me but again, I'm not perfect & I do enjoy ice cream, nachos, fried foods, & candy. So to supplement my diet, I take a lot of things.

Colloidal Silver - immune support

Vitamin D with K2 - immune support, cardiovascular health, bone & joint support

Red Yeast Rice & CoQ10 - lower cholesterol, improved blood circulation, improved digestion

Magnesium - for a myriad of things from cardiovascular health to hormonal & digestive issues

Seamoss/Bladderwack/Burdock root (capsule) - 102 minerals the body needs for daily function

Candida support - intestinal health

Probiotic - gut health

Milk thistle/Dandelion/Prodigiosa (capsule) - sugar control

In addition to these things I also take maca, spirulina, chlorella and other adaptogens as needed. I realize that I could cut a lot of this out by changing my diet. Here's the thing, and I'll be honest with you, I like to enjoy life. Part of enjoying life to me is food. I'm also the type of person that is really good at doing the research and helping others get to where they want to be, however, I don't take my own advise for some reason. That's a journey, isnt it?

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As always, please do your own research and consult your physician before taking any herbal remedies.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  I am not a medical doctor.