• Veronica Turner

How do you take it?

I'm talking about tea people, get your mind out of the gutter!

Do you enjoy a cup of tea hot or cold? What's your favorite & why? I love all kinds of teas and have been drinking them off & on for years. But I've mostly been using store bought tea bags. It's been many years since I had the whole herb prepared & made into a tea. In fact it was either my grandmother or great-grandmother who made it for me to ease a stomach ache or a cold. So I don't actually think I've prepared a proper tea infusion for myself ever.

That changes now. After I am done consuming all of the commercial tea I have in my pantry, I will begin making my own tea infusions as needed. One of my favorites has always been Spearmint or Yerba Buena in Spanish. But as I build my herbal pantry up I will experiment with different blends and hope to share them with you to help with whatever ails you. Or maybe you'd like something to just enjoy that will support your health vs a sugary drink.

I'd love to know what some of your favorite teas/tea blends are and why.

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