• Veronica Turner

Oh the Places I Will Go!

During these trying times, this can be taken several different ways. As more an more places open up, I really can't wait to travel more and get out into the world... without a mask! But what I'm referring to is all the magic and realization of my dreams! While I'm privileged to have a paying daytime corporate job, I am still not giving up on my dreams of being my own boss. I've been working hard to get things rolling, getting downloads, ideas, being productive.

I wanted to be a pharmacist a long time ago but did not really like the medical industry as I grew older. I feel they are in the business of sickness. I want to be part of the business of wellness. While I know some doctors & nurses personally, some in my family, I don't necessarily agree with the way medicine in practiced in the US.

I have been taking courses to become an Herbalist. Finding (remembering) some of the ways food/herbs can support our bodies in healing is so exciting to me. And I'm talking about food. You know the kind that grows in a garden or a farm, not the kind grown in a lab or behind closed doors, manufactured. I watched Food, Inc. many years ago and something that always stuck with me was “Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.” Well in this day & age I don't know how much she would recognize in the grocery store.

So I'm launching into this new adventure with so much to come. I haven't told much family and I know that's due to the fear of being judged or failing and them saying "you shouldn't have wasted your time" or "see... you shouldn't have done it", but I'm tired of playing small. I'm tired of caring what others think. I've got the support of those closest to me and that's all that matters.

This is the perfect time to be thinking outside the box and putting yourself out there! Don't waste any more time. If you have a dream, just go for it! I support you!

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