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How much sleep are you getting? I'm getting the right amount I know that... except on the weekend. But for the most part I'm getting anywhere from 7 - 9 hours a day. I read a study recently that said you get the most restorative sleep between the hours of 10pm & 2am. I personally like to be in bed by 10, usually going to bed at 9 and winding down. For the most part I fall asleep almost immediately. There are of course nights where I'm wound up for whatever reason and keep looking at my phone/watching tv. By the way, don't be like me, keep your phone out of your room, no tv in the room. The electronic energy is too much for the human body. Remember those studies where a plant is put next to electronics/wifi etc., it messes with your natural melatonin production.

Anyway, I digress. When you sleep your body is restoring, regenerating in a sense. There are night creams & serums that are thicker or more moisture inducing because it's the best time for your skin to receive the moisture. If you are not getting enough sleep, your are aging quicker. Your body is using the food you ate that day & cycling it through your body. I'm just saying, get some sleep! It's important.

So, with going to sleep at 10 (notice I said sleep, not bed), what time should you be waking up? Well to be honest, growing up I was an early riser. Waking up to do what? We can call it a meditation of sorts. But I was waking up, taking a shower & getting ready for school. But... I would sit and stare at myself in the mirror for great lengths as I got ready. I admired my eyes, my lips, the shape of my face, my hair, my complexion. It seems a little narcissistic, but I was hearing words around me often that told me I was ugly. My self worth wasn't at it's highest, I saw myself in the mirror and didn't see ugly. I saw a beautiful person. So it was a meditation on myself and gave me the armor to walk in my higher self throughout the day. Woah! how did this become a post about my childhood wounds!

Let's get back to the topic... waking up. In college I no longer woke up super early and meditated. In fact I was working 3 jobs, one of which I left at 3 or 4am and had to go to classes (sometimes). Fast forward to today, I am making efforts to wake up early & meditating (differently). My alarm goes of at 4:30am (optimal wake up time is 4am). I usually snooze, the second alarm goes off at 5:30. Of course this is all during this time of quarantine and I've been working from home for the past 11 weeks. It's a struggle not usually getting out of bed until at least 6:30. I am on track to go back to work in about 2 weeks, so I need to train to wake up at 4 again.

Sleep is great. Recently I stayed in bed until 2:30pm. But my body is fine sleeping for those 6 hours. I'm ready to get back on track. And as long as I'm getting that 10pm-2am in I know my body is getting restored. To get ready, I'll be reading the blog linked below and sleeping 10-4 starting Monday.

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