Prevent or get rid of a hangover, whether from drinking or eating too much.


What’s included:

  • Let Them Shine Crystals
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Tiger’s Eye
  • Healing Christel
    • Orange, Lime, Grapefruit Bath Salts
    • Uplift Spray
  • Hangover Recovery blend






Take the hangover recovery in coconut water before a night of drinking to prevent a hangover.  If you forgot, take upon waking up.  Take a nice warm bath with the orange, lime, grapefruit bath salts with the crystals in this box.  Upon getting out of the bath, spray uplift spray as needed throughout the day.


"I use these crystals to balance this emotional & physical body.  Show me where I need guidance today.”


Use these products as needed when you feel any negative energy around you.

Don't Get a Hangover

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